Welcome Lagom Lifer!

What does ‘Lagom’ mean? This is a swedish word with no direct translation to English and it means “just about enough”, “with moderation” or “balanced”. It denotes “not too much of anything but not too little”, that is, just the right amount of it. I strive to live Lagom, I share here how I try achieve it.

Here are some posts to inspire you to live Lagom today…

Turmeric Tea Golden milk recipe (Turmeric Tea). (2/7/2017) - An easy, delicious turmeric tea with almond milk.
Trello How to set New Year’s Resolutions with Trello. (1/9/2017) - My biggest problem to achieve my New Year's resolutions have been to stay focus and keep track. I found a tool that tackle down both, I'm talking about Trello.
Vegan alfredo pasta. Vegan Alfredo Pasta. (1/5/2017) - This is my vegan/vegetarian version of Alfredo Pasta. It's really creamy, tasty and guilt-free.
New Year Celebration. 5 steps ritual for welcoming the New Year. (12/29/2016) - Welcoming the New Year is somehow holistic to me: get rid of the old stuff and clean the negative energy to kick off new year in a positive way. This is my 5 steps ritual that I've been doing the past three years.
My first solo travel to Leon & Guanajuato (day 3). (12/21/2016) - I woke up very early on the third day of my solo travel to get the most of my last hours in Leon. I felt cheered up and excited to visit Guanajuato.
Xmas Celebration How to celebrate a Lagom Christmas. (12/9/2016) - What does a Lagom Christmas look like? I explain it here.
Catedral Basílica de Nuestra Madre Santísima de la Luz in Leon. My first solo travel to Leon & Guanajuato (day 2). (12/7/2016) - On my day 2 of my solo travel to Leon, I learned more about the city's history and I explored downtown a bit further.
Arco de la Calzada My first solo travel to Leon & Guanajuato (day 1). (12/5/2016) - I felt I needed to travel alone, to spend some time on my own. The idea has been dwelling in my mind since last year, but I must admit that just the idea of going solo to a new place made me feel nervous and anxious.
Paleo, Vegetarianism and Veganism. Which diet is the best? (11/28/2016) - Three diets are on the rise these days: Paleo, Vegetarianism and Veganism. But which is the best? There is a big debate going on and I want to share my thoughts on this with you.
What is turmeric and why should you consume it? (11/17/2016) - Have you heard about turmeric and its benefits on our health? This is a spice that has been used for thousands of years to treat and cure diseases in China and India.