Hello Lagom Lifers!

I want to talk about something that I have experienced the last 2 weeks: the signs from the Universe. I ask you now Lagom Lifer, do you believe in the signs from the Universe?

A few days ago, as every morning, I was watching videos on YouTube while I was preparing my juice. I was feeling in the mood for watching Gabrielle Bernstein’s channel, who is a best-seller author whose videos talk about spirituality and metaphysics. Her channel is one of my favorite ones in all YouTube. I hit play on a random video (which didn’t get my full attention), but then the next video started and it blew my mind right away. It is titled “How to receive signs from the universe”, I highly recomend you to watch it, you will be astonished as I was.

On the whole, Gabrielle explains the different ways on how we experience the signs from the Universe: a song, a phone call or a paragraph from a book; and she also said that she usually asks for guidance to the Universe when she feels stuck in her life. She suggests to be very specific when asking for signs to the Universe. For instance, you can ask to the Universe to deliver the sign as an owl (for it is not very common to see owls). The Universe will deliver that sign of an owl through many possible ways, not only an actual owl: a painting, a song or anything you can relate to an owl (for example, the books or movies of Harry Potter always remind me of Hedwig, which I was very fond of).

This video came to me when I was going through a situation of feeling unsure on taking an opportunity that life was giving me, so I decided to take into action what Gabrielle was suggesting… I asked for a sign.

The sign I asked for was that one of my best friends (we will call her Carolina here) sing a song  at work that only we know and we like very much: Stole my heart from One Direction (I left you the link if you want to listen to it while reading the post). I was very satisfied with the sign I picked up because I felt that my request was very specific and Carolina does not sing that song at work any more. I kept on with my morning routine: I finished the juice, I made lunch for work, I got dressed and I got on my way to work.

One of my best friends and I work at the same place (we will call him Luis in this post); we are sitted a few meters apart, so he usually visits me to catch up, joke and chat a little while. That same day, he came to me saying that a singer we love will come to Guadalajara on her international tour and he was asking me if I wanted to go to the concert. I said I did and we thought of inviting more people.

A voice inside of me was telling me to ask Carolina if she wanted to go with us. We call her out (she is sitted right behind me) and we invited her in. She said no, but she said that if One Direction would come on their international tour, she would go no matter what. Then, we talked about One Direction’s debut album and all of a sudden ( I do not recall quite well how she got there), she was singing Stole my heart. I was astonished and I started to laugh out loud. After that, I decided to seize the opportunity and left my fears behind.

But this story does not end here… Luis and I talked about a project that we want to carry out a while ago, but I just put that aside and I even forgot about it. Luis brought up the project again, but this time I was not feeling like doing it, I was afraid it will not end up well.

When I got home that night, the same day Luis and I talked about the project again, I decided I would ask the Universe for guidance on the matter, to know if the project was the right path for me. I asked for another song as a sign. I chose a song that reminds me a lot of Luis because we sang that all the way long when we visited Europe the last November 2015. That song is Clarity from Zedd (listen it up while we get to the end of this story).

The next day, I went to the cinema with another friend of mine. We got out of the cinema very late so he took me to my home. He turned the stereo on and the first song was from Meghan Trainor, but the next song… the next song was Clarity from Zedd. I could not believe it, I laughed out again and turned it up louder. I had no doubts and no fears, I decided to move forward with the project.

However, when I woke up the next day, the fears and the doubts popped up again. I was feeling sure that I wanted to move forward with the project but I wanted to hold it over until 2018… “2018 will be a good year to start off the project and I will have plenty of time to prepare myself”, this is what I was thinking of.

Now I have to introduce you to another friend of mine, we will call her Celia, and she also works with Carolina, Luis and I. Most every day, I go to Celia’s workplace to greet her and chat a bit. She is a big lover of Broadway: she watches The Tony’s, she learns all the songs from the musicals and she is always up-to-date when it comes to Broadway. It was Friday in the morning, Celia was talking about the Tony’s and songs she fell in love with; she wanted me to listen to them to add the musicals to our bucket list.

She opened YouTuber in her computer and as the website was loading up… there it was: the music video of Clarity. It was very shocking for me! The Universe was telling me to stop being stubborn and to go ahead with the project, to let go of all fears and the doubts. I spoke with Luis that day and I told him that I was in. We are working on our project now and I hope to share with you what it is very soon. All I can say is I’m very excited about it, we are looking at April to make it happen… and I am vey confident it will.

What are your thoughts on this story Lagom Lifer? Do the signs from the Universe really exist? I invite you to join in and take this into action: if you are feeling you are stuck in your life or you are not sure of taking that hard decision, ask for signs to the Universe, and try to be very specific on what that sign will be. I would love to hear back from you with all your stories, did it go well? Did the Universe surprise you? Let me know with your comments!




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