Hello Lagom Lifer!

Have you ever travelled all by yourself? I have recently. I wanted to make a solo travel since quite a while but the idea used to frighten me.

The idea of going on a solo travel has been dwelling in my mind since last year, but I must admit that thinking about it made me feel nervous. I avoided the thought of it but it grew stronger back in September of this year.

The City Hall in Leon, Guanajuato.
The City Hall in Leon, Guanajuato.


Thanksgiving was getting closer and I didn’t know what to do during those holidays. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Mexico, but I do observe the american holidays for I work for an american company. I didn’t want to spend Thanksgiving at home doing nothing interesting, so I thought to myself ‘why don’t I do that solo travel I’ve been thinking of?’.

I was thinking about the possible destinations to viti. My options were limited to cities and towns near Guadalajara, where I live in, because I didn’t want to go too far away. At first, I thought about visiting Aguascalientes, which is located north of Guadalajara and it takes around 3 hours to get there, but I wasn’t that much convinced going there. Then I thought about Morelia but I was still unsure of doing a solo travel.

I was about to give up and stay at home during Thanksgiving but I came across with a third option. I made up my mind, overcame my fears and bought the bus tickets for Leon and Guanajuato.

Leon's Archway.
Leon’s Archway, the most emblematic spot of the city.

I requested a vacation day at my job to depart on Wednesday the 23rd of November.  I woke up at 5:30 that day  to finish getting ready my backpack – I put it off the whole week. I was in a rush and I felt very anxious for I was afraid to be late and miss the bus. I arrived  to the bus station half an hour earlier due to the light traffic, to my surprise.

I got on the bus, I put my headphones on and hit play to my favorite Spotify playlist. I watched the nice, passing-by landscapes. I started to feel a little bit calmer and I fell asleep for an hour or so. After waking up I read a little bit.

Leon Main Square
Kiosk in Leon Main Square.

The first destination was the city of Leon, the biggest city in the mexican state of Guanajuato with over 1.5 million inhabitants. I arrived at Leon after a four hours journey, it was as if a blaze of excitement hit on me, and then all of a sudden, I felt nervous anxious again: I was on my own in a strange city. I got myself together and I walked out of the bus station. I took the bus locally known as “La Oruga” to get to Leon‘s downtown, where the hostel I was going to stay in is located.

I got lost several times in downtown even though I was using Google Maps. I guess my mind was still nervous and anxious, so I wasn’t thinking clear that day. I made it to the hostel ‘El Armario’ at last, it is really nice, cosy and picturesque and it has a terrace on the roof.

The rooms are set after hobbies or themes: the techology room, the portraits room, the shoes room and so on. I stayed in the music room. I find the rooms great because you could meet people who share interests and hobbies in common. Unfortunately for me, I was all alone in the room.

Hostel 'El Armario' in Leon, Guanajuato.
Hostel ‘El Armario’ in Leon, Guanajuato.


Hostel 'El Armario' in Leon, Guanajuato
Hostel ‘El Armario’ in Leon, Guanajuato


The Music Room in hostel 'El Armario'.
The Music Room in hostel ‘El Armario’.

I was starving, so my next move was to find somewhere to eat. I walked around downtown and came across with a vegetarian restaurant called ‘Lesvia’ and I decided to give it a try. It is rustic, cheerful, very quiet and the meal was very tasty. What I didn’t like was that the ma’am (who is owner, waitress and cook of the place, all at the same time) cooks only one menu comprising a balance meal between salad, carbs, legumes and tea. You cannot order a la carte, but still I enjoyed my meal.

Vegetarian Restaurant 'Lesvia', in downtown Leon.
Vegetarian Restaurant ‘Lesvia’, in downtown Leon.


Having lunch at vegetarian restaurant 'Lesvia'.
Having lunch at vegetarian restaurant ‘Lesvia’.

After a fulfilling meal and feeling energized, I walked to the Main Square and then I headed towards Madero St., which leads to the Expiatory Church, Leon’s Archway, the Path of the Heroes, the Bridge of Love and further on, the Poliforum Complex. It is very enjoyable to go for a stroll along Madero St.

Altar of Expiatory Church in Leon.
Altar of the Expiatory Church in Leon.

At the end of my stroll through Madero St., I got to the Poliforum Complex and I visited the Museum of Art and History of Guanajuato, ‘MAHG’. The museum has three permanent expositions: the Greek Canon – with replicas of famous greek sculptures; the Regional Culture Hall – which shows the history, traditions and culture of Guanajuato, the State; and the Sculptures Backyard – it is outside of the building, it shows the sculptures of renown mexican artists.

MAHG, Museum of Art and History of Guanajuato.
MAHG, Museum of Art and History of Guanajuato.


The Greek Canon, a permanent exposition at MAHG.
The Greek Canon, a permanent exposition at MAHG.


The Sculptures Backyard, a permanent exposition outside of MAHG.
The Sculptures Backyard, a permanent exposition outside of MAHG.

I walked around the Poliforum Complex and I took some shots of the Bicentury Theater, the University of Guanajuato and the Wigberto Library. The Poliforum Complex is a good place for laying down on the grass, taking a break, reading a book for a while and, of course, visiting the several buildings that it’s comprised of.

Theater of the Bicentury.
Theater of the Bicentury. Name after the conmemoration of the two hundred years of Mexico’s Independecy from Spain in 2010.


It started to get dark and it was time to head back but I made a stop at Café Berlin, a small and very cosy café near Leon’s Archway. I just loved it! They have a wide menu of food and beverages – all is very tasty. When you visit León, you must go there.

Café Berlin in Leon.
Café Berlin in Leon.


Café Berlin in Leon, Guanajuato.
Having a well-deserved tea accompanied of a berlinese cookie.

After a well-deserved tea and a berlinese cookie, I get back on my way to the hostel. I was passing by the Expiatory Church and I saw a lot of people at the church square, so I went to find out what was going on. There were elder couples dancing and some elder ladies waiting for a companion to dance along.

The Expiatory Church at night in leon, Guanajuato.
The Expiatory Church at night in Leon, Guanajuato.

I left the Expiatory Church behind me and five minutes later, I went in a Subway to have dinner. I ordered a Veggie Subway and once I was done with it, time to go back to the hostel and rest to wake up fresh the next day.

Thanks for reading, Lagom Lifer!




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