Hello Lagom Lifer!

I think most of us struggle to achieve our New Year’s resolutions. We may do some of them or we may not do any at all. My biggest problems are to stay focus and keep track. I want to do so many things and I wind up doing only a few of them.

I wrote a list of my new year’s resolutions, but this time I’m using a tool to stay focus and keep track of my goals: Trello. It simulates a virtual board where you can create lists and add cards to them. You can also add checklists, comments, descriptions, labels and attachments to the cards.

Plus to Trello, I’m following Marie Forleo’s suggestions from her latest video. Marie Forleo is the host of the YouTube Channel Marie TV and she talks about entrepreneurship. She suggests a simple method for setting goals, she calls it “Purge and prune”.

Purge consists of thinking of all you want to achieve, make or experience the next twelve months.

Then the prune comes, you are to cut back some resolutions to focus on those ones that matter the most for you. The prune is important to achieve a meaningful progress on those resolutions that matter the most. Cutting back some resolutions doesn’t mean you have to give them up for good, you can go back to them anytime you want.


Creating the board.

I created my board “Goals for 2017” on Trello by copying the board “Personal & Work Goals” by David Barber. You can create a board from zero on your own, but I wanted to have a nice background so I picked David’s board. Besides, you can get ideas and inspiration by looking at other people’s boards.


Trello Board
“Personal & Work Goals” board by David Barber.


To copy a someone else’s board, you have to do the following steps:

  • Click on “… More”.

Trello Board


  • Click on “Copy Board”.

Trello Board


  • Name your board.

Trello Board


  • Unselect the “Keep Cards” field.

Trello Board


  • Finally, hit the “Create” button.

Trello board


You can customize the board to your needs, for instance I deleted all the lists and I created my own lists from zero. Marie categorizes her goals onto three different categories: Yourself, Relationships and Business & Career. So I added three similar lists to my board: PersonalRelationships and Professional.

I added two lists more: All goals and Achieved. The first list is where I’m going to list all my resolutions for 2017. The latter one is where I’ll be dropping down the resolutions I’m achieving.

Trello Board


It’s time to work this board out, so let’s start by brainstorming all my resolutions for 2017…



The first thing to do is brainstorming. Write down all the things you want to do in 2017 on the ‘All goals’ list  (Marie calls this purge). Strive for making your resolutions SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound). You can check this article for further tips for writing your resolutions.

Add one card per goal. This is how you can add cards to the lists:

  • Click on “Add a card…”.

Trello Board


  • Type your goal or resolution, and then click the “Add” button.

Trello board


You can add as many cards as you wish. Don’t worry if it’s a big list. We’ll cut some resolutions on the next step to stay focus and make meaningful progress (the prune). You can have a  look at some of my resolutions below.



Cutting back resolutions.

This is the harsh part for me: cutting back resolutions.  I went through each of my resolutions and identified if that goal is meaningul and fulfilling to me. I asked myself if the payoff that I’ll get from that resolution is worthy for me.

I caught myself thinking “nah, it’s not so worthy” or “I’m not sure about this one”, then I put a red label on those ones. I labelled green the resolutions that I answered “yes, I’m in” or “yeah, I’m looking forward to this”.

Do the following steps to label a card:

  • Open the card and then click on the “labels” button.

Trello Board


  • Choose one of the labels. You can also name the labels by clicking the pencil on the right.

Trello Board


Your cards will look like this:

Trello Board


Categorize your resolutions.

What I did next is categorizing my resolutions. I moved them to one of the three lists: personal, social and professional goals.

Personal resolutions: Do you want to learn a new skill? Do you want to do a solo trip? Do you want to lose extra pounds? Then move those goals over this list.

Social resolutions: think about your most beloved ones, is there any trip you have on mind to do with your family? Do you want to improve your relationship with a friend or a relative? Do you plan to propose to your boy or girlfriend? Then move those goals over this list.

Professional resolutions: Are you planning to ask for a salary increase? Or are you on the search for a new job? Do you want to start your own business? Or what about writing a book? Then move those goals over this list.

Trello Board


We have finished setting up your goals board for 2017. If you achieve any goal before the year ends, you could move that goal to the “Achieved” list. Then you can work on another uncategorized goal (with the red label). You could leave your board just like that. Or if you want to get the most of Trello, I suggest you to do the following extra tips…


Extra tips.

  • Schedule your resolutions. Schedule the date when you plan to complete your resolutions. Thus your’re making your resolutions time bound (the T in SMART goals). You just have to open the card of your resolution and then click on “Due date” button. Then a calender will drop down, select the date and you’re done.

Trello Board


  • Add checklists. You can use checklist for tracking certain tasks. You can also break your resolutions to smaller ones, for instance, I want to increase my savings account by 50%. I could break that goal to smaller ones, save 4.16% of my salary each month.  Then I could set up a checklist for tracking my progres. Do the following steps to add a checklist:
    1. Open the card of your goal;
    2. Click on checklist you can name your checklist;
    3. Then hit on the “add” button”;
    4. Finally, add checklist items as needed.

Trello Board


Trello Board


  • Go visual. You can add attachments to your cards: images, word & excel files and so on. For our goal cards, we can attach images and make those the cover for the cards, so we can visualize our goal. Do the following steps to attach an image:
    1. Open the card;
    2. Click on the “Attachment” button;
    3. You can attach from your computer, Google Drive, etc… select a source and then pick up the image to attach;
    4. Trello will display the image as the card cover.

Trello Board


Trello Board


Trello Board


Lagom Lifer, this is the end of this post but you can explore Trello a bit further to master this tool. You can also use Trello for planning a party, managing a project at your work, planning a trip and much more. You can have a look at some inspiring, public Trello Boards here.  I hope you find Trello useful, and as always…


Thank you for reading!


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