Who am I?

My name is Mauricio Hernandez. I was born in Guadalajara, a city located in western Mexico. I love writing and sharing my thoughts. I’m a wanderluster, seeker of new adventures and a plant based eater. I strive for a balanced life, to get the most of it. I also love to learn languages and other cultures, I feel a window of a new world opens when I learn a new language. I enjoy the moment, trying to live here and now and I think there is nothing like reading a good book at the park or beach, with a hot cup of black coffee.

Lagom Lifestyle.

Lagom Lifestyle was born when I was in Stockholm. ‘Lagom’ is a swedish word with no direct translation to English and it means “just about enough”, “with moderation” or “balanced”.

I used to feel I wasn’t happy with what I had or what I had achieved; I wanted always more even if I didn’t need to go any further. I crossed with the word ‘Lagom’ when I was studying Swedish, I found out more about Lagom in Sweden and then I decided to live a more balanced life, by the premise “less is more”.

I do not want to become one of the those obsessive minimalists (that would not be a balanced life to me), but I want to take baby steps for a simpler and more balanced lifestyle. I want to share those baby steps through this blog as I think that may help others.


Can I contribute to Lagom Lifestyle?

R: Anyone willing to enrich this site, is welcome. You can visit my contact page and leave your information to discuss in further detail how you can contribute to this site.