Trello How to set New Year’s Resolutions with Trello. (1/9/2017) - My biggest problem to achieve my New Year's resolutions have been to stay focus and keep track. I found a tool that tackle down both, I'm talking about Trello.
New Year Celebration. 5 steps ritual for welcoming the New Year. (12/29/2016) - Welcoming the New Year is somehow holistic to me: get rid of the old stuff and clean the negative energy to kick off new year in a positive way. This is my 5 steps ritual that I've been doing the past three years.
Xmas Celebration How to celebrate a Lagom Christmas. (12/9/2016) - What does a Lagom Christmas look like? I explain it here.
Do the signs from the Universe really exist? (8/23/2016) - Hello Lagom Lifers! I want to talk about something that I have experienced the last 2 weeks: the signs from the Universe. I ask you now Lagom Lifer, do you believe in the signs from the Universe?
5 reasons to make the bed. (8/8/2016) - Are you the kind of people who doesn’t like to make the bed in the morning? I used to be a part of those people. I share with you 5 reasons to include making the bed to your daily life.
Lagom, what it means and how it helped me out. (8/3/2016) - Hello Lagom Lifers! I used to live very stressed out and unhappy: I wanted a bigger salary, a better car, more shoes, more clothes… I winded up messing my credit cards. I learned this word Lagom when I started to study Swedish language and I was fascinated by it. I visited Sweden last May 2016 and that helped me … Continue reading Lagom, what it means and how it helped me out.